Peregrine Midstream Partners' senior management team represents more than 200 years of collective experience in evaluating, developing, operating and optimizing natural gas storage assets. We assembled the best of the best to form Peregrine, starting with Falcon Gas Storage Company's original co-founders: John Hopper and Jeff Foutch. Then we added the talents of Mike Seward, former Falcon Operations vice president; Chuck Sawyer, former Falcon consultant; and Luke Saban, former Falcon CFO. Together, we are taking HDMC gas storage to the next level.


John Hopper

President & Chief Executive Officer

Jeff Foutch

Executive VP & Chief Commercial Officer

Luke Saban

Executive VP & Chief Financial Officer

Mike Seward

Vice President, Engineering & Operations

Jim Ruth

Executive Vice President & General Counsel

Chuck Sawyer

Vice President, Project Development