Ryckman Creek Gas Storage Project Overview


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Ryckman Creek Resources, LLC, a subsidiary of Peregrine Midstream Partners, has received approval from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to develop a new interstate natural gas storage field 25 miles southwest of the Opal Hub in Uinta County, Wyoming. It will be the largest independently-owned natural gas storage project serving the Opal Hub area.

Development of the Ryckman Creek Gas Storage Project will consist of converting an existing partially-depleted oil and gas field into an HDMC gas storage facility with first-phase working gas capacity of approximately 35 Bcf. Phase I maximum injection capability will exceed 350,000 Mcfd with maximum withdrawals of approximately 480,000 Mcfd.

The project will include drilling new horizontal wells, construction of new pipeline facilities and upgrades to an existing compressor station, formerly known as Canyon Creek Compression Company when it was operated by Kinder Morgan.  In addition to developing the gas storage field, Ryckman Creek Resources will initiate enhanced oil recovery (EOR) operations, initially re-entering and testing vertical wells.

This project will interconnect with eight pipelines including Overthrust, Questar, Kern River, Ruby, Northwest, REX, WIC, and CIG.

When completed, Ryckman Creek will meet demand for firm, peak day, load following, balancing and seasonal storage services from natural gas markets throughout the Midwest and Rocky Mountains. Ryckman Creek Resources has received FERC approval to charge market-based rates for the services it will offer.

Ryckman Creek held a non-binding Open Season to gauge customer interest October 6 - November 1, 2010. Based on the Open Season responses, the Company is now considering a Phase II expansion of up to 50 Bcf.

For more information about the Ryckman Creek Gas Storage Project, contact Jeff Foutch, Chief Commercial Officer, jhfoutch@peregrinempllc.com


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