Ryckman Creek Gas Storage Project Facts

Project - Conversion of an existing partially-depleted oil and gas field into a new interstate high-deliverability, multi-cycle (HDMC) natural gas storage facility that will be the largest independently-owned gas storage project serving Wyoming's Opal Hub area

Location - Approximately 25 miles southwest of the Opal Hub and 15 miles northeast of Evanston in Uinta County, Wyoming

Owner - Ryckman Creek Resources, LLC, a subsidiary of Peregrine Midstream Partners

Targeted In-service Date - July 2015

Capacity - First-phase working gas capacity of 35 Bcf, with Phase I maximum injection capability of 350,000 Mcfd and maximum withdrawal capability of approximately 480,000 Mcfd

Ryckman Creek Plant & Field - The Ryckman Plant will act as a centralized point where up to six natural gas injection/withdrawal (“I/W”) wells are connected to the 16-inch and 10-inch diameter header pipelines connecting the Ryckman Plant to the Canyon Creek Compressor Station.  Facility modifications include up to eight new electric motor-driven compressors with up to 33,000 hp for a total of up to 55,000 hp of compression at the Canyon Creek Compressor Station. Ryckman will install amine, triethylene glycol (TEG) and mole sieve dehydration, NGL extraction, hydrocarbon dew point control and NRU process equipment.  The Ryckman Plant will include a central gas/liquids separation and processing facility. Up to two observation wells and up to three saltwater disposal wells will be part of the gas storage field operations.

Canyon Creek Compressor Station  - The existing Canyon Creek Facilities include four 5,500 hp electric motor-driven compressor units that will be retrofitted for high pressure injection.
Header System  - Ryckman will construct  approximate 4.03 mile 16-inch and ten-inch diameter header pipelines connecting the Ryckman Plant to the Canyon Creek Compressor Station. The header pipeline will be designed for a MAOP of 3,705 psig.

Pipeline Interconnections - There are eight existing pipeline interconnects with Kern River Transmission, Questar Pipeline, Overthrust Pipeline, Ruby Pipeline, Northwest Pipeline, REX, WIC, and CIG.

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