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Peregrine is focused on developing and operating high-deliverability, multi-cycle (HDMC) natural gas storage facilities as its core business and offers a variety of related services that include: gas transportation and processing; NGL extraction; crude oil and NGL production, marketing and sales associated with HDMC natural gas storage, oil and NGLs; and energy commodity risk management.

HDMC natural gas storage facilities and services have the capability to fully cycle multiple storage inventories several times per year, typically achieving 5-10 times the deliverability of single-cycle storage.

Each Peregrine project will offer the following:

Firm Storage Service -- Gives a customer the firm right to inject, store and withdraw certain quantities of gas

Load Following Hourly Balancing -- Designed to allow gas-fired generators to balance daily gas needs with hourly power consumption, this is a firm hourly service where the shipper has no or very little storage inventory balance between the quantity injected and the quantity withdrawn within a 24-hour period

Park & Loan -- Normally used for short-term periods and offered on an interruptible and firm basis, Park & Loan services enable the customer to store or "park" or borrow a given quantity of gas for a given period of time with the gas being delivered or returned at a pre-determined later date and schedule

Park & Loan, Winter Peaking -- An expanded use of Park & Loan provides firm winter hourly and daily peaking service

Wheeling -- Interruptible wheeling on Ryckman's pipeline header system based on standard transportation services for interstate pipelines, providing for maximum daily quantities to be received at points of receipt and to be delivered at points of delivery

Interruptible Storage Service -- A variety of services that include Interruptible Storage, Interruptible Parking, Interruptible Loan, Interruptible Wheeling, In-Reservoir Inventory Transfers, and Interruptible Load Following Hourly Balancing services

Enhanced Interruptible Storage Service -- A variety of services that include Enhanced Interruptible Storage, Enhanced Interruptible Parking, Enhanced Interruptible Loan, Enhanced Interruptible Wheeling, and Enhanced Interruptible Load Following Hourly Balancing services